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Mikayla, Nexarina Founder, professional headshot


Growing up I had always hated my height. Being “beautiful” was always portrayed in a woman that was tall and skinny. Being a 5 foot tall women, I did not look anything like this ideal of “beauty.” On top of that, clothes also never fit me in length or my body shape.

Until, clothing brands came out with curvy lines and variations in length (short, regular, long). For the first time I could go into a store, try on a pair of pants and have them actually fit me, no alterations required. This moment was the beginning of my journey of finally accepting who I am. 

My whole goal is to create a brand where women don’t have to struggle to find apparel that fits. I want to see a brand that models diversity, not just in shape and colour, but also in height. I want to see all different kinds of beautiful. I want Nexarina to be a brand that embraces being short, tall, curvy, being different, and ultimately being who you are!