After a lifelong struggle of trying to find outerwear that performed and fit properly..

I knew I had to create a solution.

Hi! I'm Mikayla and I am the CEO and Founder of Nexarina.

I love the mountains, and I especially love snowboarding. However, I am 5"0 ft tall, so finding gear was next to impossible, unless I went into the kids section.

The more I researched, I quickly realized how UNDERSERVED women are in the outerwear market, forcing most to resort to mens, for improved quality, technology and fit.

But, I am here to change that. Nexarina is all about making snow pants and jackets that are made to fit YOU and your body, not the other way around.

We combine all the "male" technology, quality, functionality (like REAL pockets) and make stylish and warm gear.

Because we deserve to have it all.

Outerwear fuel

As a full-time marketing student, I knew I couldn't do this alone. So, I created the revolution collection of sweatsuits and beanies to help fund the launch of our outerwear. Be apart of our mission to change the game for women on and off the slopes!

Built by women for women


Our outerwear, features adjustable waistbands and belts and caters to diverse body types with short, regular and long lengths. This in combination with our partnership with eVent® Fabrics and PrimaLoft® Insulation, positions us to set new standards for innovation in the industry.