At Nexarina we are SIZE-Inclusive

Our mission is to ensure that every retailer can confidently cater to a diverse clientele, showcasing that style knows no size limits. Here's how our philosophy will benefit your inventory and satisfies the needs of every customer:

3 Tier Length System

Allowing you to cater to ALL heights and appeal to customers who have been previously overlooked.


Fits (4'10-5'3)


Fits (5'4-5'7)


Fits (5'8'-6'1)

Made for a women's body

Our products are built to enhance and flatter curves and adjust to various shapes and sizes.

Because one size DOES NOT fit all!

Size Range

XS | S | M | L | XL

Enhancing your Collection

Our garments are crafted to flatter and fit the female form, accommodating a variety of shapes and sizes. This focus on body positivity and curve-friendly designs ensures your inventory is diverse, appealing to a broader audience and driving sales with garments that customers love for their comfort and style.