Let's take a walk through history to see what brought us to where we are today.

1980's The Neon Era: As we all know, the 80' were a very bright decade in the world of fashion and this was true both on and off the slopes. At the time, snowboarders were fighting for their right to ride at many resorts, and there was a huge divide between skiers and boarders. They may have been put into a box, but they sure weren't afraid to rock a neon one piece. These iconic snowsuits seem incredibly practical looking back now.

1990's Practicality Wins: The 90’s were a time of major evolution in the outerwear world. Goretex became a thing, and different materials were being explored. These were the years of practicality and functionality. No need for the bright colours when the outerwear game was being changed.

2000's Skaters Unite: The baggier the better. In this era of time that skater, baggy look was everywhere, especially on the slopes. Snowboarding was rising in popularity and the skier versus snowboarder rivalry was dissolving.

2010's Plaid is Rad: We have never seen more plaid on a mountain than in the 2010's. No one really knows where this trend came from, but everyone was hopping on it and rocking different versions of plaid and checkers all across the hill.

2020's You do You: There has been no consistent trends in this decade, and we're here for it. Everyone is just kind of doing their own thing and wearing whatever makes them feel and look the best!

Predictions: Quality over everything! The technology and inclusive sizing that is emerging in the market is changing the game for riders across the world. Out with the one size fits all and in with products made to fit you.

Jayden Peck