Throughout the journey of starting up Nexarina, we have been prototyping different fits, and styles of jackets and snow pants. It has been a huge learning curve, but also the most fun. In December I finally had the opportunity to share some of these prototypes with other women who love snowboarding as much as I do. We took this opportunity to head out to Revelstoke, British Columbia, to test out the first round of our customer prototypes. I was so excited to see that our sizing is closer than ever! With our inclusive sizes, we had to establish a completely new sizing range, and so far, they are fitting many different body types which is exactly our goal.

So off to Revelstoke we went. Four women in their twenties in a car packed to the brim for the week of adventure and laughs. Along our seven hour drive we stopped at Emerald Lake for the perfect photo op. Seeing all four of us in the sweatsuits was an amazing feeling. It felt watching the dream of Nexarina come alive! The drive through the mountains was incredibly beautiful and worth every moment. Between the views and amazing conversation, the drive was a breeze. Night one in revy was pretty low key, we went for dinner at this pub called “The Village Idiot”. The food was so good, and the drinks were exactly what we needed after a long day in the car. We took some time after dinner to checkout some of the local shops before heading to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

Aom, Iva, Jayden and Mikayla at Emerald Lake, BC

The next day started bright and early with some Starbucks to go before jumping on the shuttle up to the resort. Taking the shuttle was super convenient and it stopped at multiple different hotels and shops in town for easy and cheap transportation. There wasn’t a ton of snow at the base of the mountain, and you actually couldn’t ski on the lower portion. But two gondolas and a lift later, we were shredding through a ton of powder. Day one we explored the whole east side of the mountain and found some amazing runs that weaved in and out of the trees. The snow was wet and heavier than what us Alberta girls were used to, but the jackets and pants kept us so dry and warm! When lunch rolled around, we stopped at the mid chalet for some drinks and a warm meal. The rest of the day, we spent time getting some content in the prototypes, and enjoying the beautiful day. 

Mikayla, Iva and Aom in Revelstoke, BC

Evening number two brought us to the cutest taco place called “The Taco Club” where we enjoyed some top-notch food and a pitcher of sangria. This was probably the favourite place that we stopped for food this week, I can’t stop thinking about those chicken tacos! We went back to the hotel for some time in the hot tub and an early night.

Iva, Jayden, and Mikayla snowboarding in Revelstoke

Day two of boarding started a bit later after we grabbed breakfast and a coffee on the resort at the most precious café “La Baguette”. The coffee was so good and fuelled us for another amazing day of riding. We spent the morning exploring the other side of the mountain. We ended up walking ourselves out of the trees after some unexpected falls and a good laugh. The “walk-of-shame” out of the trails covered head to toe in snow was a good indicator that it was time for lunch and a bevy. We stopped at the upper chalet and found some lawn chairs looking over the mountains. It would have been an incredible view if there wasn’t so much fog. You couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of you. After lunch we went straight back to our favourite run and spent the day tearing through the trees. Exhaustion started to hit pretty hard, and we took our sweet time on the ski-out to the gondola down. We grabbed one last drink at “The Mac” before turning in for the evening. The Coast Hotel had a really nice restaurant that we stopped at, and the food was once again incredible.


It was my first-time riding at Revelstoke and I have to say, it was genuinely amazing. The locals, the food and the craft beer made for a really great experience, and I can’t wait to go back!

Jayden Peck